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"The Golf Scope" 8x Power Range Finder

"The Golf Scope" 8x Power Range Finder
Product Information

"The Golf Scope" specs.
- 21mm Objective Lens
- 8x magnification
- Distance shown in meters and yards
- Usable distance from 50 yards/meters to 200 yards/meters
- Included is a Lanyard, Polishing Cloth and rubberized protective carring case

This range finding golf scope allows the user to measure their distance to the flag. It has an adjustable foucusing ring that once adjusted to your eye never needs to be touched again. Thanks to it's infinate foucusing technoligy, it will stay in focus from a distance of 7 yards to infinity. The Golf Scope™ measures distances from 50 yards / meters to 200 yards / meters. It is compact and very easy to carry with you or put it in your golf bag. The rubberized storage case protects your new scope from impacts and scratches allowing many years of use. Clear operating instructions are included, and have a dedecated recess in the case.
Each scope comes packaged within an atractive printed gift box making this a wonderfull present, especially for the person that seems to have everything.

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